About Me

Hello, there! How are you? I'm an actor, singer, and musician located in the tri-state area of New England who's ready to be part of your next project! I have lived my entire life in Waterbury, CT, the city from which I find endless inspiration for the characters I create for my roles.

My work has been described as brooding, and compelling as well as spontaneous or sporadic depending on on the project. I try to bring out subtle eccentricities in any character I play to ensure that the portrayal is completely organic.

I have experience in a wide array of roles from comedy to drama and from absurdist to musical theatre. I am a self taught musician and singer with some formal piano training sprinkled in. I play several instruments including piano, drums, guitar, tenor-saxophone, bass guitar, and the recorder. I have experience playing and singing in bands all around the tri-state area which is how I got comfortable on stage!

Some fun facts about me? I love modern music history! You know those episodes of Behind the Music that used to play on VH1? That was my childhood: Poison, Motley Crue, The Eagles, anything in that ballpark, I know some useless fact about. That's also where I got my affinity for singing and for my signature cowboy boots!

I like people, I like adapting, and I like challenges. I'm easy-going, but when it comes to my work I am totally invested. Have a look at my resume, and hopefully we'll be able to setup a meeting or I'll see you at the next call!

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 150 lbs. 

Eye Color: Hazel-green

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Voice Type: Tenor​